Saturday, April 24, 2010


what are u?is it not enough u hurt me?dont u pity on me?how cruel are u..why my love is too easy for u to bring me to tears..and why do i accept u hurt me when i know that your soul was not with me anymore..if this is called love make it away from me..If i was to blame for all this why u make me love u and said that u love me?dont u shame u cheat on me knowing the love i have for u?was the love lost completely or it just a game for u...Your silent make me miserable..I promise im not trying to make your life harder or return to where we were. I was nothing to u and u dont want to talk to me again and i have to live the rules of 'its over' and think that u are lost completely in my soul.. i will try to let it pass and hold my tongue n make u think i had move on my life..i want to thank you to you because give the best day of my life ever..i will never forget what u have done my love..the things is you are not sorry for what u have done!im over it and u never be a friend of mine..